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A new era of remote condition monitoring for low voltage motors has arrived. ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor picks up data on vibration, temperature and other parameters and uses it to reduce motor downtime by up to 70 percent, extend lifetime by as much as 30 percent and lower energy use by up to 10 percent.

ABB has developed a compact ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor that is attached to the frame of low voltage induction motors. No wiring is needed. Using on-board algorithms, based on ABB's decades of motor expertise,the ABB Ability™ s, enabling them to benefit from intelligent services.

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor Condition monitoring solution for low voltage motors

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is a condition monitoring solution that makes predictive maintenance possible for almost all low voltage motors. By monitoring and analyzing data on motor operating parameters, it enables motor users to optimize their maintenance. The solution helps to reduce downtime by as much as 70 percent, extend motor lifetimes by up to 30 percent and reduce energy consumption by up to 10%.

Making condition monitoring the new standard for LV motors In the past, permanently installed condition monitoring was too expensive to use with the majority of LV motors. As a result most of these motors were run until they failed. ABB's new cost-efficient solution changes all that. With a payback time estimated at less than one year, it makes remote monitoring possible for practically all LV motors - plants can even implement condition monitoring for their entire LV motor fleet. Condition monitoring means that maintenance activities can be planned in advance, which reduces downtime and supports longer motor lifetimes. At the same time the solution generates 'big data' on the status of large numbers of motors, paving the way for plant-wide optimization of operations and energy consumption.

Easy-to-fit smart sensing technology. At the heart of the solution is a compact sensor unit that is easily attached to motors without the need for wiring. Selected ranges of ABB LV motors can be factory fitted with the sensors as an option. For already installed motors, retrofit kits are available that enable motors to be field upgraded with sensors. Mounting and configuring the sensors takes only a matter of minutes. They are compatible with almost all LV motors, whether new or old, from ABB or other vendors.The sensor monitors signals from the motor, accurately measuring key parameters at regular intervals. It transfers the data using built-in Bluetooth® low energy technology to a smartphone or (in future releases) ABB gateway and ultimately to a secure cloud-based server. Data communications use industry standard encryption protocols, and all data are stored in the cloud in an encrypted form. Advanced algorithms based on ABB's extensive know-how analyze the data and produce meaningful information.The server then sends this information directly to the user's smartphone and to a dedicated ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor portal. Data is also tracked over time for trend analysis.

Intuitive interface. Once users have downloaded the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor app they can check the status of their motors at any time with their smartphone. The interface includes a straightforward 'traffic light' display to give a quick overview of all the motors that are being monitored. Users also receive clear recommendations on how to optimize maintenance and save costs.



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